What are your Lunar New Year’s Resolutions? 🌙

We’re thinking about our goals for 2024 a little differently here at Hello Wellness.

We’re all about being in tune with the natural phases of our bodies and of the world around us. For example, I’ve just been explaining over on Instagram the 4 phases of our hormone cycle.

It fascinates me, and is something I would consider essential viewing for people who experience a menstrual cycle. Hopefully it will help you better understand how your body will be feeling at those different stages. I might even do another blog on this soon, let me know if you’d be interested in reading that!

Back to our 2024 wellness goals.

“But Sonia, it’s February, isn’t it a bit late to be setting goals for 2024 – New Year’s Day was ages ago!”

You might be saying.

To which I would reply – you’re absolutely right! But then I would also ask – how does January usually feel for you?

Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who gets a spring in their step on the 1st and powers through their goals and intentions – if that’s you, keep on smashing it!

For others, January is still very much a hibernation month. The lack of sunlight and general gloom can lead us into a subdued and restful period – and I think that’s totally fine and very natural.

That’s why we’re so inspired by the Lunar New Year this year.

Lunar New Year marks the first new moon of 2024 – Chinese New Year is centred around this event.

Why do we love it so much?

Spring is coming 🌱

Lunar New Year falls around the same sort of time as another of my favourite occasions – Imbolc – the pagan festival celebrating the halfway point between the Winter and Spring Equinox.

This time is magical as it feels as if we’re slowly emerging from winter and into spring – the energy around us as nature begins to slowly spring into action is inspiring – a perfect time to be starting our own growth journey!

A key sign that spring is on the way is…

Lighter Mornings 🌞

It’s hard to feel motivated to begin that go-getting when the mornings are dark and gloomy!

Around Lunar New Year is when the sky starts to get a little lighter and those early starts seem even more possible.

Time to reflect on our intentions 🧘‍♀️

It’s good to sit with our goals and resolutions for a bit. It gives us time to feel whether they truly resonate with who we are and the phase of life that we’re in. Not being able to achieve a goal can be more than a discipline problem – it might be because that goal was not right for you in the first place!

Use the ‘traditional’ January resolution window to start reflecting on your intentions and forming them into proper plans, then put these into action when Lunar New Year comes around!

It’s a natural cycle 🌔

The moon phases are as natural as you can get – they dictate so much in our lives and in the nature around us. Being in tune with them can only be a good thing for our bodies!