2 Key Foods for Balancing Female Hormones

If your goal is balanced hormones, you need to prioritise these 2 key foods: 

1 – Healthy Fats 

Cut processed or trans fats but keep healthy fats in your diet. Not only do they give you energy but they help your body produce cholesterol. 

Cholesterol is a key building block to making oestrogen and progesterone hormones. 

Avocados are a great way to get healthy fats in your diet. Oily fish or eggs are great if you prefer to source more locally. It’s best to eat a variety of things throughout the week.

2 – Protein

We really need protein to make the amino acids that produce our hormones. 

Animal proteins are especially beneficial as they contain essential nutrients that are harder to source through plant-based protein sources. 

It’s always helpful to support a balanced diet with high quality supplements. 

Our Feel Aligned capsules are focused on hormone balancing, and the formula in Adapt To You helps aid digestion and get more benefits from the food you’re eating.

I’m always talking about female hormone health over on our instagram, in fact I’ve covered this exact topic in this reel, give it a watch and a like if you learned something!