Sustainable PLA Plastic – What is the Difference?

When choosing the material for our cute little pots, we wanted to find something better. That’s when we found PLA Bioplastic (Polylactic Acid) with wheat straw…

PLA is extracted from renewable plant materials like corn and sugarcane and has several benefits when compared against the PET plastic used mostly by supplement companies, here they are:


What are they made from?

PLA – Made from renewable plant materials.

PET – Made from fossil fuels.

How are they disposed of?

PLA – Breaks down though industrial composting (120 days) or in general waste facilities

PET – Fully recyclable but in the UK, we only recycle 45% of our plastic and it is mostly sent abroad to do that.

How sustainable are they?

PLA – Lower carbon footprint for its manufacture (80% less greenhouse gas than conventional plastic).

PET – Takes up to 500 years to fully decompose.

Can I recycle this pot?

This pot is not recyclable but instead 100% biodegradable!

When you have finished taking your Hello Wellness capsules – you can reuse the pot by filling it with more capsules (perhaps upgrade to a pouch to get 50% extra free!) or maybe even use it to propagate your seeds! 

If you can’t think of a use for the empty pot, pop it in your normal household waste bin (not your recycling bin!) and it will decompose in your general refuse facility. Even better, ask your local council if they have an industrial compost collection point.

The label will biodegrade along with the pot in your general waste or composting facility.

We’re looking forward to the next evolution in plant plastic, and are always committed to developing our packaging to meet the highest sustainability standards!