Natural Hay Fever Prevention

Put away your antihistamines and take a natural approach to hay fever relief! 

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First you want to close your windows as much as possible. If it’s a beautiful day, avoid having them opening for the first couple hours after sunrise and the last couple of hours before sunset. This is when pollen tends to come down from higher in the atmosphere.

Secondly, tie your hair up or wear a hat. This is all about avoiding bringing excess pollen particles inside.  

Third, have a shower when you get in, and particularly before bed. Pollen and dust caught in your hair will settle on your pillow and give you grief throughout the night. 

Fourth tip is to drink thyme or nettle Tea, these two infusions will help reduce inflammation in your nose and sinus. 

Finally, we have to mention HayMax Pure Organic Barrier Balm.

This drug-free balm creates a barrier that prevents particles entering your nostrils in the first place.