Find Your Zen: 4 Steps to Easier Meditation

Finding meditation hard work? 

I did this reel a while back over on our instagram and thought it would make a perfect quick read!

If you need help finding your zen remember these 4 things: 

1 – 5 minutes is enough

To make a start, little and often is best, it gives you enough space to tune into your body and your thoughts, without being uncomfortable. 

2 – Lie down

Comfort is key so if sitting cross-legged is a pain, lying down is just as valid an option. In fact hypnotherapy sessions are usually conducted lying down because you’re able to completely relax more of your body. 

3 – Find a sound and stick to it

Meditation ambience is personal. If music isn’t right, you might find natural sounds more engaging. It’s fine to use the same sound every time, in fact it can make it easier to get in the right headspace. 

4 – Don’t punish your wandering mind 

When you can recognise when your mind is straying off the path, don’t scold yourself, try to gently centre your mind with your breathing. 

You might not return to the path for long before the next distraction, but you’ll learn over time to let those thoughts drift by easier. 

Controlling the flow of your thoughts in your day to day life is one of the most impactful meditation benefits, so it’s well worth a bit of practice.